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Identifying and recruiting the absolutely right person for a role takes on fundamental importance when that person will be responsible for leading the entire organization for foreseeable future. CEO selection is the board’s primary responsibility, and a specialty of Gladwin International Search Partner’s Board Services Practice. Our experience and rigorous process help boards choose wisely, expedite succession, and minimise leadership crisis.

Our CEO Search team is comprised of some of the most experienced and well networked search consultants and Ex-CEO’s of some of the world’s leading multi-national companies.

We work with few clients over many years to identify, benchmark, and develop both internal and external CEO talent. We also swiftly respond to unforeseen events and leadership crisis very efficiently.

Whether you’re looking for a Chief Executive with proven skills in a specific area or sector, or architecting an entire board made up of diverse backgrounds and expertise, our past experience, client focus and global market presence will turn up the right talent in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

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